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5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Senior Citizens in 2021

The year is coming to a close. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look hopefully toward the future. New Year’s Eve is going to look a lot different with masks and social distancing. One tradition we can keep is making resolutions. As people worldwide think about positive changes that will make 2021 better than ever, we’ve compiled a list of five New Year’s resolution ideas for Senior Citizens to consider. 

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Senior Citizens 

1. Get Vaccinated

Significant changes are coming in 2021. We finally have a way to prevent coronavirus. The vaccine will be available to New Jerseyans over 65 as part of category 1B starting in mid-February. Talk to your doctor about other recommended vaccines for older adults

2. Be Active

Mild to moderate physical activity leads to improved overall health for Senior Citizens. Exercises such as yoga, water aerobics, or walking help build strong bones and muscles while contributing to a healthy weight. Being active also boosts mental health. 

3. Eat well

Older adults tend to require fewer calories than they did when they were younger. So, it’s extra important to select healthy foods. The USDA recommends five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, along with whole-grains and lean protein. Cooking at home is a great way to make healthier meals.

4. Plan Ahead 

Take some time in 2021 to review your legal documents. Update your Will and Advanced Care Directive, if needed. Also, sit down with a loved one and make an age-in-place plan. The National Age-in-Place Council has a guide to help you evaluate your needs. 

5. Practice Gratitude 

An appreciative attitude builds positive emotions and boosts mental and physical health. Affirm the good things in life and take time to acknowledge the people who help provide that goodness. Some straightforward ways to practice gratitude are writing thank you notes, keeping a gratitude journal, and simply saying “thanks.”

We hope these New Year’s resolution ideas for Senior Citizens inspire you to make positive changes in your life. At Anita’s Angels, Inc., we are looking forward to sharing 2021 with you. Our Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aides are here to help with quality in-home care services. We are Families Helping Families. Call 908-788-9390 to learn how we can help you stick to your resolution this year. 

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