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Five Outdoor Yard Games for Seniors

Mild Autumn evenings are a relief after a scorching summer. It’s time to enjoy the nice weather to the fullest. However, it’s crucial for Older Adults to avoid overly crowded beaches and sporting events during a global pandemic. While many Older Adults are sheltering at home, they can still experience the great outdoors in their own backyard with these outdoor yard games for Seniors. 

Outdoor Yard Games For Seniors

  • Washers – This backyard game is similar to horseshoes. Players take turns tossing metal washers toward boxes with holes. Points are awarded for landing on the box or in the hole. 
  • Cornhole – This game involves two wooden platforms with a hole at the end of each platform. The platforms are propped up at a low angle and set around 27 feet apart. Players take turns tossing bean bags toward their target. They earn points by landing on the box or in the hole. 
  • Croquet – Croquet is where colored wooden balls are driven through a series of wickets spaced out around the yard. Players use wooden mallets to strike balls through the wickets in a particular order. The first one to hit the final stake wins the game. 
  • Bocce – The winner of a coin toss starts by tossing the pallina (white wooden ball) down the court or yard. Subsequent players try to lob their balls closest to the pallina. After all the balls have been thrown, the frame ends and points are counted. 
  • Rollers – Rollers is an innovative twist on lawn bowling.  It is a new game that combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling.  Players take turns rolling wooden disks on its edge/side toward a target. Points are awarded to the player whose disk is closest to the target. 

Seniors are sure to have fun this Fall with these lawn games. Getting outside can help improve both physical and mental health. Backyard games also provide a safe alternative to crowded venues while enjoying all the fun of the great outdoors.

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