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outdoor events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey

Coming This Spring: Outdoor Events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey

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Spending time outside can improve physical and mental well-being. And spring is an excellent time to enjoy the warm weather. Plus, spring is a season with many outdoor events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey in 2023. 

The Garden State offers ample opportunities for fun in the sun, such as festivals, art fairs, and farmers’ markets. These events allow older adults to socialize and connect with their community.  

Outdoor Events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey 

Communities gather to celebrate spring throughout the Garden State. Events offer a host of fun, such as music, food, crafts, and many elder-friendly activities. The outdoor festivities celebrate the arrival of spring and provide a chance to enjoy the vibrant colors of the season. 

  • Spring Blossom Festival on Saturday, May 6, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Riamede Farm in Chester 
  • The City Green Garden Conference on May 20, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Clifton

Senior-Friendly Music Festivals

Attending a music festival can be an excellent way for seniors to enjoy live music, socialize, and get fresh air and exercise. Consider bringing a chair or blanket for some of these outdoor events. With so many options, you’ll find outdoor events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey.

Outdoor Art Fairs  

New Jersey’s outdoor art fairs are a wonderful experience for Senior Citizens. They get to explore and appreciate a wide range of arts and crafts. Many also host live music, food vendors, and other activities for a fun, engaging outing. 

Farmer’s Markets in New Jersey

Farmer’s markets in New Jersey offer fresh, locally grown produce and other goods. In addition, the Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides vouchers for eligible people over 60. Check with your county’s Area Agency on Aging for more details. Then stop by a market this spring and support our local farmers.

What outdoor activities are most suitable for people over 65?

Senior Citizens can enjoy many outdoor activities such as gardening, bird watching, and yard games. Or you could go for a stroll in the park. Areas with paved walking paths are great options for older adults with mobility challenges. 

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Overall, New Jersey’s beautiful scenery, accessible amenities, mild climate, engaging activities, and community events make it an excellent place for elders to spend time outside. Take advantage of the nice weather and attend one or more outdoor events for Senior Citizens in New Jersey. Our highly trained CHHHAs and Companion Aides help clients get the most out of their golden years. We can help with transportation, shopping, cooking, and more. We are Families Helping Families. Let’s talk about how our family can help yours — call 908-788-9390.

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