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Senior Discounts in New Jersey You May Not Have Heard About

When you live on a fixed income, every dollar counts. Older adults can find some tremendous senior discounts in New Jersey if they know where to look. Shopping on specific days at individual retailers can save money. Also, it never hurts to ask shopkeepers if they offer special prices for Senior Citizens.

Senior Discounts in New Jersey


Kohl’s has a 15% discount for people 55 and older every Wednesday. Ross Dress for Less gives 10% off to shoppers 55-plus on Tuesdays when they sign up for the Every Tuesday Club. Goodwill of New York and New Jersey offers a 10% discount for seniors on Tuesdays. They also have different color tag sales each week. Check with your local store for more details.

New Jersey State Parks

Enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of the Garden State. The Park Pass gives free daily admittance to parks, forests, recreation areas, and historic sites. You also get free parking and a $2 per night discount on campsites. 


Public transportation makes it easier for older adults to get around without driving. NJ TRANSIT has a reduced fare program with special rates for those 62 and older. Seniors can ride all state buses, trains, and light rails at a reduced rate by showing ID.


Older adults often find themselves juggling multiple prescriptions. The state-funded Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program restructures the co-pay guidelines for qualifying adults 65 and older. This program is supplemental to a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.


In-home care goes a long way in helping older adults live independently. At Anita’s Angels, Inc., our mission is to provide exceptional senior care at affordable prices. Call us at 908-788-9390 to schedule a consultation.

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