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3 Mindsets that Promote Positive Aging

Positive aging means emphasizing the favorable aspects of getting older. The golden years are a significant part of life, and a cheerful outlook goes a long way in creating happiness as we age. The ability to focus on the good things in life gives us the psychological strength to face physical and mental challenges. We can maintain a positive mindset about aging through acceptance, gratitude, and optimism.


It’s not always easy to accept the aspects of aging that are outside of our control. Maintaining a positive mindset means accepting senescence and mortality as natural culminations of a life well-lived. Many inconveniences come along with growing older. Aging may mean letting go of the autonomy and independence of younger years. Coming to terms with this reality enables us to accept help from others. 


Accepting help gives us the opportunity to feel grateful. Thankfulness is an essential part of being satisfied with our lives. The practice of gratitude means acknowledging the little things in life. Try noticing something new to be thankful for each day and record it in a gratitude journal. Write thank-you notes to people who have helped you along the way. Simply saying “thanks” goes a long way. 


Noticing the little things gives us so much to look forward to. We are excited to find out what the next day, year, and decade has in store. We can train our brains to be optimistic by acknowledging the negative while focusing on the positive. Life comes with both bad and good elements. Optimism means accepting what we cannot change, seeing today’s good aspects, and looking with hope toward the future.

Social Interactions and Positive Aging

The attitudes of those around us can affect our mindset as well. Spending time with positive people supports an optimistic outlook on life. At Anita’s Angels, Inc., we want senior citizens to receive in-home care that promotes positive aging. We are Families Helping Families. Call 908-788-9390 to learn how our family can help yours. 

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