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These Three Senior-Friendly Devices Make Video Chatting Easy

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In today’s modern world, adult children often live far away from their aging parents. It’s more important than ever to stay connected. Senior Citizens want to see their children and grandchildren more often, but traveling isn’t always an option. Video chatting or calling helps Older Adults stay connected to distant loved ones. However, not everyone is comfortable using a computer or mobile device. Senior-friendly technology offers simple video chats perfect for people who are unfamiliar with rapidly advancing technology.

Here we provide an overview of some of the best devices for seniors to video call with.


GrandPad is a tablet designed with Senior Citizens in mind. The 8-inch touchscreen comes with a stylus, charging stand, and built-in 4G LTE. No home Wi-Fi necessary. The large text and icons on a clutter-free menu give one-touch access to make and receive video calls. The GrandPad also makes phone calls and sends voice emails. It has a few other simple applications to check the weather, play games, and listen to personalized music. The help button connects to remote assistance to explain how to use the tablet. 


Older adults love seeing their grandchildren who live in different states. The easiest way for family members to keep in touch with Senior Citizens is via ViewClix. This digital picture frame works right out of the box. Authorized members on the “Share List” can connect to the ViewClix frame via a smartphone app. Auto answer mode receives voice and video call without the Senior having to press any buttons. Family members can also send the latest pictures with automatic download and display. ViewClix is a receiving device only, so your Senior cannot make outgoing calls. 

Echo Show

Merely talking to a device is often easier than tapping buttons. The Echo Show is a smart display that works with Amazon’s Alexa. Just say the word and Echo Show enables Seniors to have deep connections and interactions with family and friends. This one is a bit more complicated to get started, so a tech-savvy family member may need to be there for the initial set up. Once you get it up and running, the artificial intelligence, “Alexa”, interprets human speech and responds.

Video Chatting Basics

Now that you have an understanding of the best video calling devices for seniors check out our article that will help you introduce the video chatting service to your senior and make easy video calling possible for your elderly loved one.

Our global society can make us seem more distant than before, but modern technology is finding new ways to bring families closer together. At Anita’s Angels, Inc., we are Families Helping Families. Learn how we can help your loved one live independently for longer by calling 908-788-9390.

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