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5 Home Safety Tips that Help Senior Citizens to Live More Independently

You want your loved one to be safe at home. You worry that small, everyday things could be hazards and make daily living harder than necessary. So, you’re always vigilant about slips and trips and other home hazards. Proper home safety is essential for Senior Citizens to live as independently as possible. 

It’s hard for Seniors to be under constant supervision. Sometimes they may want to spend time alone. Independence helps improve mental health and boosts confidence. Minor changes in the home can make significant differences in safety. By creating a safer living environment, your Senior Citizen can be more independent and live without supervision.

Home Safety for Senior Citizens

1. Prevent Slips and Falls

The bathroom is the most dangerous room for slips and falls because excess water makes the floor slippery. Install grab bars to help Senior Citizens stabilize themselves while moving around the bathroom.  Switch to a walk-in shower to avoid tripping over the bathtub ledge. Add non-slip mats to shower floors. While you’re at it, place non-slip mats to other potentially wet areas such as in front of the kitchen sink. 

2. Keep Everything in Reach

To live independently, Senior Citizens need access to daily-use items. Reorganize the kitchen so frequently used items are in reach without standing on their tiptoes or getting a step ladder. Keep smaller measuring cups available to fill larger pots of water or to make coffee. For Seniors in wheelchairs, make sure everything is accessible from sitting height. 

3. A Well-Lit Space

Being able to see is essential when it comes to home safety for Senior Citizens.  So, make it easier to turn on the lights from anywhere. In addition to light switches, you can install voice-activated units. There are also apps for their smartphone or tablet that control the lights. Another option is motion sensor lights that automatically turn on when someone enters the room.

4. Adjustable Beds and Chairs

Getting in and out of chairs and bed can be a struggle for Older Adults. Adjustable-height furniture can make it easier for Senior Citizens to get in and out of by themselves. 

5. In-home Care

Hourly or live-in help can assist independence by allowing Senior Citizens to age-in-place with the right level of support. Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aides and Companion Aides help Senior Citizens stay safe at home by assisting with daily living activities and care. 

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