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Top 6 Tools to Facilitate Independent Living for Seniors Who Age-in-Place

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Thomas Bay

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As adults age, they can develop complications with dexterity and mobility. The aging process impacts connective tissue, joints, and flexibility in older adults. This leads to a limited range of motion and difficulty in completing daily activities. However, with the right tools and an environment catered to each Senior’s specific needs, they would not only be capable of independent living for many years to come, but thriving in their optimal setting. The ideas listed below could enhance quality of life and allow Seniors to get through various situations with less anxiety and more ease:


1. Adult bibs or clip-on napkins – It may seem childish, but you can find fun adult bibs to keep messes to a minimum. Try napkin clips similar to those used in a dentist’s office. 

2. Double handed cups – These unique mugs let you hold it in different ways that adapt for weak hand strength.


3. Dressing stick – A multi-use tool for getting shirts over the head and taking off pants and socks. It even has a hook for the back of shoes. 

4. Magnetic closures – Another option is to avoid buttons and zippers altogether with magnetic closures. 


5. Long-handled scrubber – For those hard to reach places, try a loofa or sponge on a long, curved handle. 

6. Shower chair – Rubber grips prevent slipping and the armrest aid is stability. 

Aging in place independently is always the goal. With these tools and products, Seniors can live on their own for years to come. Call 908-788-9390 if you need help caring for your Senior Citizen in their own home.

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